Board game
Card packs

An adult board game designed for couples and single people who want to build their intimacy levels by exploring exciting new experiences through a thrilling sex board game. There are 4 levels to the game and 470 exciting and different cards with instructions and funny questions. There is also a Lucky Wheel with a Love Arrow to spin that contains game changing acts.

Players: 2-4 Game play: 1-2h. This can be shorter if you choose to play a set level or just the cards. Content: game board, 4 plastic playing pieces, plastic spinner, 470 cards and a box.

Currently under development. Some of the future card packs will be for specific sexual interests, like bondage and more. Some of the card packs will be designed specifically for gay or lesbian players.

You will also be able to print your own cards taken directly from your own or your connections' collection of cards.

Currently under development. Future bundles will include sex toys and/or sexy clothing.

Currently under development.

The app is based on the board game and contains some more exciting features like, “Create your own cards” and “Share your cards with your connections”.